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In case there is a size issue, send it to a fulfillment center and they will pack your item for shipping for a flat rate. When I ordered a 30″ adjustable dumbbell from, it shipped to the nearest distribution warehouse. The cost of shipping was also calculated, and the website provided me with an accurate shipping quote. This is my second order and everything was on-time, professional, and great! Also, whenever I need something, there’s always someone online to answer questions for me! This seller offers free shipping. It shipped quickly, which is usually the case, and the product was exactly as advertised. The price was right too! This seller offers returns. Items arrived without significant damage, and in perfect condition. This seller offers refunds. This was my first time shopping with the seller. I filled out the associated survey and received a refund within three business days. Excellent response time! This seller provides great customer service. The interaction with the Etsy seller was exceptional, and her overall response provided clear and insightful answers to my questions.

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This product is really high quality and came in above expectations. Thanks for an excellent and fast transaction. Awesome! The package arrived on-time and the product arrived in perfect condition. It looks exactly like the pictures on the site and will serve this purpose perfectly. Thank you. This product is a little pricey, but it’s well worth it! I bought this item because of the precision and size selection from heavy, round, and light dumbbells. Each piece is heavy enough to work out, but light enough to be quick recovery. Price vs Value – 8 Quality – 7 Shipping – 8 Ease of Use – 8 This item is everything you need to bring precision to your weight training and yoga practice in just one convenient dumbbell set. These can be used from the weights between 10-80 lbs. This seller has followed up directly with me after each of my purchases from them. Excellent! This product is the best I have ever purchased. It’s the best heavy dumbbell I have ever found. Perfect for yoga and strength training! It’s the largest selection of weights that I have ever found.


PowerGrip has great customer service, which is great. Quality- 8Adjustable Dumbbells25 lb Single Dumbbell for Men and Women with Anti-Slip Metal Handle Reviews by AllImitate • Price from$13.90 to$14.95 Questions will be checked against our questions guidelines and posted within five to seven business days. Do not submit questions ready written, or with links to external pages. Abide by our FAQ. New Replacement AllImitate 25 lb Single Dumbbell for Men and Women with Anti-Slip Metal Handle We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Arrival estimates are when the item leaves our warehouse. Orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday will be delivered within 5 business days. Choose expedited shipping (3-5 days) to receive your order more quickly. Delivery Estimates: Shipping costs are based on what you check out, your zip code, and your region. The typical lead time for US orders is 5, though some items in our site take as long as 4 weeks to ship, possibly delayed for custom printing and packaging Customer Reviews: AllImitate 25 lb Single Dumbbell for Men and Women with Anti-Slip Metal Handle Arrival dates based on zipcode: Newspaper Delivered (1): Delivery on this and all other items start in 4-6 business days once printed.

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Adjustable Dumbbells25 lb Single Dumbbell for Men and Women with Anti-Slip Metal Handle Reviews Are you looking for the best adjustable Dumbbells for home gym? The question “Are they safe for home gym” comes often in thoughts of people who are contemplating to buy adjustable dumbbells as they are safer than other weights as people cannot injure oneself in training but come with potential dangers too. There is a safety rope which one gets with heavy weights and also chains weights to reduce the chances of falling. In adjustable weights, the weight can be adjusted as per oneís need and they are easier to move and there is a safe mode of replacement where one can remove all safety features once the weight is seated in them like the handles. There are different types of weights available on the market and the selection can be determined by your requirement as there are adjustable dumbbells for home gym that you will encounter in fitness centers and some are made especially for home gym. From free weights to weighted barbells, there are plenty of weights in each home or gym. When talking of the safety ropes many people opt to buy the adjustable dumbbells so that once hooked up they can make minor adjustments to the weight as it is the only safe way to bring them to a safe position. Adjustable Dumbbell Review If you are concerned that they will be safer to use but most of the weights are not adjustable, then you do not require those as they have fixed weights. Fixed weights are the dumbbells that we get in the markets from the many fitness centers that make us buy those. Even the heavy weights available in the gym are not adjustable and you can not adjust them easily. So, if you want adjustable dumbbells for home gym, there are different products available online such that you can shop from home easily and select the one that suits your home gym requirements. The main features that can be located on the adjustable dumbbells for home gym are weight stacks, adjustable handle designs and weight plates. Choose the adjustable dumbbells for home gym wisely by choosing one that is functional, works with the gym that you put together and has the safety measures like the anti-slip hand grips and wrist safe plates. They will easily make the home gym workouts fun and easy without any injury.

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1.25 Inch Heavy Duty Locking Grip Adjustable Dumbbells of 25lbs is the 25lb single dumbbell with metal anti-slip handles and one inch locks. The 25 inch dumbbell is the one that helps you meet your home gymís requirements to make it meet the gymís requirements so that you will not miss more often. Features: Dual gauge scales and handles to balance to any weight up to 400lbs Locks perfectly into the desired position Handles and grip are made of chrome, nylon and rubber which gives you the safety features for your workout Durable all steel alloy construction helps the 25lb dumbbell to last Overall Dimensions: 8.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 25.0 inches (D) 1 lb Weight Capacity: 6.0 lbs Weight: 18.4 oz Pros: The 25lb dumbbell comes with a dual layer gauges Features dual grip that makes it easier for lifting the dumbbell up and adjusting the position The safety handle and anti-slip nylon and rubber grip protect you from injury 2.25 Inch Heavy Read More Here Grip and Locking Handle Those who are concerned about their home gymís requirements so that they will find the 25pound single dumbbell easy to lift and also weigh it when required without carrying extra weight. This dumbbell comes with an anti-slip handle that will protect you against slipping and will allow you to adjust the positions and weight easily. Features: Dual gauge scales that helps to let you to a target weight Dual grips with safety handle grips and rubber grips Locks perfectly when adjusted to the desired position The handle is made of chrome and alloy Overall Dimension: 8.0 x 4.

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0 x 25.0 inches Weight: 18.4 oz. Pros: The 25pound dumbbell comes with a high quality hand grips that give you the safety features for your workouts Shapes the hand into the required position and holds it very securely Handles are made

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