AyeKu Adjustable Dumbbell 25/55 lbs Single Hand Weights for Men and WomenDumbell Weights Set for Home Gym Reviews | Best Dumbbell Weights Home › Weights…Reviews of Dumbell Weights Set for Home Gym The Dumbell is the old word for a single weight and the expression dumbbell weights actually… Dumbells and Adjustable Dumbbells from $94.99 withFREE Shipping! | Dumbells on SaleHome » Exerciser » Dumbells and Adjustable Dumbbells from $94.99 withFREE Shipping! Buy the latest Dumbells and Adjustable Dumbbells from Lowes. Free Fast Shipping for most stuff so this is a great… There was a time when we saw a simple “dumbbell” and thought it was somewhat underweight regardless of the number of pounds assigned to it.

Weight Range & Adjustment Increments

But thanks in part to the outstanding invention of the adjustable dumbbell and now known as the “dumbell,” weights are now more compact, portable, and user friendly. In fact, at only five pounds, the dumbell is even less intimidating as a work-out implement than the lighter five pound weights often found within the gym itself. Admit it, you love gyms, and your membership there stretches from the earliest morning until the very late hours of the night. But what do you want to do with this membership? Do you want to have the opportunity to lose those unsightly pounds from just the amount of time you dedicate to your workout program? If so, you might be looking into adjusting your work-out routine to using an adjustable dumbbell, which is a single Visit Your URL much lighter than the traditional two-pound dumbell. What are Dumbbells? A “dumbbell” usually refers to a pair of two-pound weight blocks that are independently attached to a handle. In fact, the dumbell, which seems to have come into existence during the middle of the 19th century, is so far back that its origins are not fully known, making it impossible to say if the two-pound blocks originally weighed one pound. A “dumbell,” derived from the combined “dumb” and “bell,” is a single piece of weight which is paired up with a handle, one, typically, more than twice as long as the weight. That leaves one-half pound of that weight to swing back and forth. As a result, its weight seems disproportionately larger than its actual size. This makes it perfect for your home or gym programs as, unlike with the traditional two pound blocks, its total weight is readily available. You can use a standard dumbell to increase your workout efficiency a couple ways. First is to keep the same amount of weight on your muscle groups through its entire range of motion, with the only difference being that when you use dumbells you are forced to exercise them for a longer period of time because a set of traditional dumbbells takes its whole range of motion into account. Another way to keep that same amount of weight on your muscles as you move through your workout routine is to replace your dumbbells for the last thirty seconds or so of your workout routine with a smaller dumbbell, such as a two to three pounder to perform traditional bicep curls without fatigue.


This technique, which is much more beneficial to your muscle tissue overall will cause your muscles to fatigue more easily after your workout routine has been completed. As a result, the only difference you notice between a traditional workout routine and a routine incorporating this technique is that you must replace your dumbbells for a heavier, more difficult routine in the latter category. Why Do They Call Them Dumbbells? Despite what the official name of these weight blocks seems to imply, their weight is much more than two pounds or twenty-six grams. In fact, some go as high as twenty pounds so that, depending upon what you are doing with them, they could be anywhere from sixteen to twenty twenty pounds. The exact weight is all part of the challenge of the dumbell and its many variations. Many say that the name is derived from dumbbells being used primarily for weight lifting in the past. Another story was that the phrase was derived from the long time legend that the Roman and Greek armies used dumbbells as weapons in addition to being used for their respective gyms. The common misconception about the name comes from a single moment in time when dumbbells where in use primarily for weight lifting exercises in theAyeKu Adjustable Dumbbell 25/55 lbs Single Hand Weights for Men and WomenDumbell Weights Set for Home Gym ReviewsGreat Value! What’s not to love about these dumbbell weights? They feature quality construction and a multi-level indicator scale to allow for precise weight adjustments. As an added bonus, the entire set comes in a handy carry bag package. You can easily find these weights in any store that sells home gym equipment, or find them online. These dumbbells come in different weights, from 10lbs up to 55lbs…


. AyeKu Professional Hydraulic, Convenience Dumbbells 5/10 lbs,20/40 lbs,30/50 lbs, 45/55 lbs, and 60 lbsAdjustable Dumbbells for Home Gym ReviewsChills-out with these heavy-duty dumbbells. If you’re in the market for some serious weight training strength, you came to the right place. These metal dumbbells are extremely durable while being versatile enough for home use or commercial use. These are considered the best selling, most popular dumbbells currently on the market. If you’re looking for something simple, economical, and handy, these are it. Unlike other dumbbells on the market, these are not recommended for commercial use. These come in 5 different weights–5 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 40 lbs, and 55 lbs, and they come in both right and left handed.. … Best Dumbell Weights Set for Online Reviews and RatingsProduct Specification The best dumbbell set for you to choose.

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Designed for versatility & durability. The AyeKu Dumbells are Adjustable Dumbells. You can adjust the weight of the Dumbells from 10 lbs to 55 lbs and ensure if you want to use one of the Dumbells, then one of the other Dumbells could be used for the other exercises. This allows you to be versatile with your dumbbells because you can’t easily afford to replace one of the Dumbells. With the increasing technology, all of our products have been improved to offer a high-quality smart-phone electronic measuring scale. It is the only dumbell we offer with this function! The electronic measuring scale is essential equipment in every home and gym. No longer do you need to spend the money for a manual measuring system, these dumbbells make the best measuring scale that is simple to use! Furthermore, our hydraulic dumbbells are super durable, this is due to the advanced design of our weight pins; you can expect the weight pins to last for many years. The Best Weight Training Equipment which can help you to make You look Amazing. The Aye Ku dumbells are made of sturdy metal, allowing your home dumbbells to stand up to the rigorous demands placed on them over time. The best thing about these iron cylinder dumbbells is that you don’t need to worry about keeping them clean — they come vacuum edger, so your home dumbbells will look just as good after work outs as they do when they go in the gym. We have 5 different weights that you can choose from. 10 lb, 20 lb, 40 lb, 55 lb and 60 lb weights. There 2 weighting pinning systems; weight pin side and hook on dumbell weightpin side.

Weight Range & Adjustment Increments

There are different way to adjust weight of dumbells but for this one, the hook on the weightspin. You have to put your finger at the hook of the dumbellweightpins to pull that is, your right dumbell weight is larger than your left dumbell weight. These 2 weights are only for Hook Side, you can change the width of your muscles by changing the height of your hooks of both your dumbell weights. Multi-level indicator scale & convenient bag The first AyeKu Hydraulic Dumbell Set available on the market with a multi-level indicator scale, is the DSB Dumbbell Set. AyeKu DSB Dumbell Set Features 1. DSB Dumbbell set; These dumbbell weight pins make the fittings stable. 2. Electric indicator scale & multi-level; which can be placed on any flat surface, including the door handle, television, or wherever the user has access to. 3. Convenient bag. On the packaging of products, there are 3 ways to adjust the weight of AyeKu Dumbells; 1) weight pin side adjustment- put the weight pin side of the hooks with the larger hole, closer to the centerAyeKu Adjustable Dumbbell 25/55 lbs Single Hand Weights for Men and WomenDumbell Weights Set for Home Gym Reviews I used the ayesdell dumbbells which I purchased which are excellent barbell weights for the use when i want to deadlift i only have one set the adjustable bars. But with the ayesdell dumbbells don’t have a scale on them just the on the edge of the handle is their weight that i need! I purchased this product with my nephew because I wanted to get him started on a single hand weight training program and was happy to find it to be stable and easy to hold. I just wish there was a weight scale on them like other dumbbell companies put.

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Was this review helpful? 24 of 39 consumers found this feedback helpful. June 18, 2010 Very nice for home gym people…inventive and inexpensive! This is an “improvise needed piece solution” to equip your home gym for single dumbbells. You need basic free weights for a variety of exercises. This is an inexpensive upgrade to your home gym for the very low $10 price, including shipping. I cut/smooth wood dowels and fit their ends over the head of 1 of my dumbbells. The remainder of the dumbbell head is unaltered. The end of the wood dowel is notched so a grip is easily fashioned for holding the full dumbbell! Unbelievably inexpensive solution for adding a weight on a dumbbell! You’ll have better luck if you drill the hole sized accurately to the diameter of the dowel, using a hole saw. I used a washer to lock my weight to the dumbbell. A small, square or rectangular washer is very secure. A rubber or plastic rubber ring with one side of a groove and a secure snap hook keeps the weight near the bottom of the side.

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A washer and snap hook lock the weight to the dumbbell at the top. Size does matter. It will hold up to 20x80x19-12oz iron dumbbell, or 11 lbs from an inexpensive 1 pound dumbbell of similar design without modification. These dumbbells are big enough for most home gyms. 12oz-15oz dumbbells may be easier to grip, be heavier, but the dowels slip; and the weight may have a notch in it for better grip. This product solved my problem of using my modest $20 1 pound home gym which is useless unless in a gym. The ayesdell dumbbells are heavy enough to have a sizable weight range, for barbells. I’ve used the ayesdell on the bottom of a pair read here barbells, as such. Concerning a weight scale, that is a good idea. But this is for a home gym. Once you start weight training, you need no substitute for poundage and balance. For beginners working out, they might appreciate a weight scale; but once you get stronger you likely will not give up using just poundage. Also note, that if somebody tries to beat you up because they think you have extra weight, the dumbbell weights may be heavy enough to slow you down for defense.

Value for Money

Training safely is the best thing any body can do for themselves. One other observation; the ayesdell cannot be “lifted” or “turned” for multi-pound weights with one hand. Was this review helpful? 27 of 42 consumers found this feedback helpful. January 28, 2010 Great – Easy to add weights to single handle dumbbells I had a problem with my home gym and the owner of our gym recommended that we get a pair of ayesdell adjustable dummells. I looked and couldn’t find a better price. I love the design and it really helped out. The dummell set of 10 ayesdel weights was the best priced I could find. Delivery to my home was fast. Was this review helpful? 30 of 40 consumers found this feedback helpful. November 28, 2009 Works! I bought this product because I needed one to replace the weights that came with some dumbell sets. Cost was very reasonable, about $15.00 for 7 1/2 in., The drill purchase was a little more, but I made some modifications to the post hole diameter which I can highly recommend.

Watch Out for What I Liked the Most

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