Weight Bench Assembly Reviews Introduction – Rants, reviews and ranting For the purpose of this review article I want to offer you different opinions on different weight bench models in the popular markets. I believe a review is to allow each customer to make an informed wise investment decision. I firmly believe that you can take the wrong decision on a purchase and use it to be discouraged. I will mainly only speak about the quality and features of each model and not the companies themselves, except where I truly believe that poor or dangerous products quality is known about. Even if I have never met the company or owner of a product, I will mention it in this review, but you must have your critical thinking set up before you allow your wallet to open. By the end of this article, you will have a good insight whether you should proceed with a purchase or pass it over to the next one. Most of the training centres I visit have a variety of weight benches on display and for $2000 you can purchase a variety of benches from over 30 brands. Its a full warehouse. I walk over and look at every bench and ask questions of the owner before I make my choice. So your homework starts now, just read this review but before you do your own shopping list, make sure you have a budget set ( if you plan on spending over $2000). Choose a price range and plan accordingly. Read carefully through this review, read all notes and then do go to a fitness supplier and test as many benches and products as you can before making a purchase. Find out more about the various products and company’s too, do your homework before you buy! A person comes one day and asks a gymmate if you can try out their new stack of boards for a week.


“I am looking for a really good home gym. Do you know anyone I can come to for a week or two that can let me use their equipment?” They go home and spend time in their home gym. Next day they collect his loaner boards and ask if they could just give them back soon, “I think I am just going to buy home gym equipment” They return home and commence in their gym. The gym provides an adivse to “Not to stray too far, I hope to sell the boards and equipment back when I move.” So they sit on the boards and push them against each other, they all feel really right. The stack gets bigger and they can see a pattern forming, “How are the weights, where do you have room and where did the gym-mate put everything. Wait! the gym wants to sell the equipment and sell it back, so how do you get rid of it. That is so stupid!” Now he knows he is in a bit of a quandary. The stack gets bigger and it gets bigger but still no decision can be made except that he has to buy home gym equipment. Finally he runs to his local gym and is welcomed by the owners. The gym-mate arrives at home to an email inviting him home gym “Sorry about this, but we have this really great person that I would love to have for a week or few on his stack of boards in our home gym.” This was a great oppurtunity for him to try out the home gym along with an experienced gym person. The gym-mate sits down and takes a look at the equipment.

Storage Features

I am sure he thought he could just flick switches and it willWeight Bench Assembly Reviews: This is everything you need in a simple heavy-duty bench press system. Everything is pre assembled in accordance with the specifications in each plan. The full bench press set up should take between 2 – 3 hours to complete, I have done this quite a few times to make sure that I have the right materials and also to ensure that the final finish of the bench press meets my expectations. I recommend you read through each step as it will help you find your own perfect spot at the beginning, and if possible have your equipment assembled beforehand. The three bench press systems are as follows: Full Bench Press System The Complete Full Bench Set-Up – Only the Bench Sees Half Bench Press System – Everything just for the right side. 2-Arm Bench Press System – “Seamless” Bench Full Bench Press System This is the standard full bench system. If you are looking for no frills, easy to set up and can get it done quickly then this is the system. All you have to do for this one is buy and read the directions. The following are only the main equipment items: 1. Power Rack and Rack Cable System – $97 (save at least $15 by buying the whole package from us) 2. Standard Racks – $230 3. Arms – $120 4. Cables – no cable needed for large sets Note: The 2 sets of large barbells are for the main upper body weight plates and are only needed for the full bench press.


You can get the smaller plates for doing the half bench, you can also leave them out and use plates of lighter weight. Remember, if you are doing the half bench press (using the two handles on the right side only) your bar will be the size of a double or 7’4” inches so you will need both 10.0 and 12.0 plates. If you have the 7 inches plates, make sure you go ahead and grab those as well! This bench press system is available for $1,495 – CLICK HERE TO GET THE SYSTEM Remember, any accessories will add around a further $1,600 – 2,500, depending on how large your equipment is. (Add $1,600 to our bench press system which is in the previous post) Half Bench Press System This is an easy way out for those who are not too brave or experience heavy discomfort. You still get all the benefits of a proper bench press without having to bear all the extra weights. This system comes with everything I recommend, but you got to bring just the bar from the back and place it on your right-hand side, pretty easy huh? Your bar should be just above shoulder height, the normal arm hang if you do not have a power rack. All you have to do is open each side and start with progressively heavier weights. These are the only three extra things that you are assuming to be bought: 1. Stand Adjuster – $25 2. Cable Holders & Cables – $0 3. Floor Pad – $16 + $4 if padded Doing this is very straight forward: Once you get your large barbell (7-8 inches in width) place it on the floor, this is your Starting Stack.


Lay out a bar pad – I prefer padded one. You can also place a sponge directly on the floor which will work. The pad and sponge will help you do chest warm ups. If you do not have these, then you can make use of a fitness ball to do back and upper body exercises which is great for your back and shoulders. Once you have a good warm-up done, it is time to push that starting stack up using the cables, which are attached to the stand. Keep your knees under your control and keep your head up in the air. At the top, your deltoids (shoulders) will have some pretty good tension with elbows locked out. Don’t be afraid to drop the bar on your chest as it does not seem to hurt too much and usually make your strength level very much better, you will immediately feel a good amount of tension working in your chest muscles. Weight Bench Assembly Reviews Looking for the right balance in your training? Look no further than our top four weight benches. Each of these four weight benches feature a great style, comfort and durability, making them not just a great fitness tool but an asset to any home gym. The bench you choose will be your major investment and therefore it is important to choose wisely. The following weight bench reviews will help you with this exercise equipment purchase process and to help you buy the best weight benches for 2018 and beyond. Before you buy ANY weight bench, you’ll need to first select the correct bench height! Start with this post which explains the different bench heights and guide to selecting official source correct bench height.


Once you chose the bench height, you can focus on the features and designs of the weight benches. Let’s get started! Updates and Conclusion The following reviews update compares the 2016 version to the 2017 version. I was not able to test a 2017 version, but the information I’m publishing here is also on my 2017 reviews post on this site. The Top 4 Best Reviews We Tested Final Note: If you’re only looking for the best cross arm and leg leg press, then look no further! Note: Check back next week for more updates on the best bench press weight training products. 2. Under Armour QuickSpeed Bench The Under Armour QuickSpeed Weight Bench is everything you’d expect from a quality weight bench manufactured by Under Armour. I love the design the most on this bench, the color. “Under Armour QuickSpeed” is beautifully bolded out front and has the QuickSpeed logo stamped out on the chest. The armrests are also gorgeous and the materials on this bench are high quality and durable. All-in-all, the design of this bench is truly quality design. Don’t get me wrong, not all aspects of this bench are optimal, especially on the weight locking mechanism. That part of the design is odd. It felt pretty solid when using it a few times, but I’d always have to worry about the leg lock wheel from sticking.

Reasons to Buy

I didn’t even really know how to use this feature until the time I fixed it with the pin that they emailed me. I lost my pin quite awhile ago and haven’t been able to find a pin to replace it with. That’s a weak aspect of the QuickSpeed Bench. However, like I said, I like it aesthetically, so this is not a big deal for me. One major thing that I would wish this bench had, is an auto-lock feature. When I was done with the exercises on this bench, I often had to hold down the lock button to get my weight back up. Or if I were to make my usual trip to the storage cupboard to check the weight and see if I could “fit” in my weight again without my weight bench, I would then frequently have to reset the arms again on every lower weight. All of those steps took a lot of time, which wasn’t a good experience! Having an auto lock feature would really come in handy. It would make this a perfect bench for people who use lots of weights. Personally, I would bring two sets of weights because of this auto lock issue. This would be, hands down, my number 1 favourite bench. Should be! 3. Monolift PRO The Monolift Pro: This bench will provide you with the convenience and compact options that you can’t find anywhere else (except maybe storage space cupboard).

Dumbbell Handle Length

This is a fantastic weight bench with an industry low feature set price! The Monolift Pro has incredible versatility. This bench can come fully assembled on your own or you can also buy the individual pieces and assemble yourself. The Monolift still offers the amazing ease-of-use. For someone living in the city, this bench is awesome and small. What is so great about this bench is that it is both fold-flat portable and also upright for storage duty. Let’s first go over the negatives and then the best! Unfortunately

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