Bravo Crossfit Package Review

Rather than going out and purchasing 300+ pounds of CrossFit equipment one by one, you can show your trust in the experts of the team here at Rogue, which is one of the leading officially attached organization in the world and the only equipment provider of the Reebok CrossFit Games. With the Bravo Package, they’ve merged a widevariety of top quality gear to cover just about any WOD. Chalk off your Olympic weightlifting, med-ball movements,  kettlebell work, ring exercises, and more. Because it’s all included in a single package, you’re also saving big amount of your money on shipping costs. The people who mostly show interest on buying The Bravo Crossfit package are mostly students, athletes, business executives, and martial artists. Our focus is to improve every sector of fitness (Stamina, Strength, Balance, Endurance, Power, Speed, Flexibility Coordination, Agility, and Accuracy); most people only focus on endurance and strength which leads to boredom and imbalances!

When it comes to barbells and fitness gear, there are very limited brands that provides as much respect as Rogue. Luckily, their customization and purchasing options are equivalent to the quality of their equipment. Keeping in mind that adding a bench, squat rack, or place to hang your Wooden Rings will increase the price point, but still, even all of this component placed onto a floor it will let you do over 80% of the Crossfit WOD’s. The Rogue Bravo CrossFit Olympic package includes much more than an Olympic weight Sets Review but I have included it here because it is in such good value and quality. You will be getting a Rogue 230 lbs. Rogue HG Bumper weight set, have pairs of 10, 25, 35 and 45 pound plates. It is escorted with a Rogue Ohio Olympic bar.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

Rogue is the leader in the fitness equipment industry, and their Bravo Package shows a nice glimpse of the equipment’s level, hence their equipment is commonly used in Crossfit. With the option of making your order completely customizable, you can easily alter a piece or add extra components if you want to and Rogue will automatically adjust the cost. For example, going with a slightly lighter Bar l rather than the Rogue Ohio Bar will save $40 on your order.

With the valuable components coming with your package and also the ability to modify the package regarding your specifications, the Bravo Package by Rogue will make your Crossfit training ready in a single buy. The Bravo CrossFit Package is one of Rogue’s most popular gym equipment for beginners and experts to start working out at  home or gym. The reason of its popularity is due to the thing that loads of important fitness equipment is added in one package with a respective affordable price. A total weight of 230lbs. of high quality bumper set is included with two 10lbs. plates, two 25lbs. plates, two 35lbs. plates and two 45lbs. plates.The rogue Ohio bar is a steel bar with dual knurl marks, comes with a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking. Rogue gives you a choice of finish you want on your bar regarding their sleeves. As there could be Black Zinc plating with Black Zinc sleeves, with Bright Zinc sleeves, or Black Oxide.

Rogue Kettle bells are included which are solid pieces with flat bases and colored handles. One 35lbs., one pood kettle bell and one 53lbs. kettlebell in included. Rogue medicine ball is included which is very long lasting, having 14” diameter and constructed in USA. A DVD include by Rogue in Bravo CrossFit package,  teaches functional exercises; including body Weight Sets Reviews calisthenics, kettlebell training, gymnastics and  Olympic weightlifting ; with a goal of avoiding muscle isolating machines except of the natural movement of your body in life and sports. Though Rogue’s Bravo Package is one of few package with many variations, and each decision included in the package is easily customizable, the only drawback is that you’re confiscated into paying full-price for each of the pieces of components in the package.

Specification and Features:

  • ighly Durable rogue medicine ball with a preferable weight range of 4lbs-20lbs.
  • Rogue SR-3 Speed rope having six inches rotating handle.
  • Comfortable support mat for crunches.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion the CrossFit package by Rogue is very awesome and includes everything you need for a proper CrossFit workout. Addition of plyo box would have put the icing on the cake but anyways its rest of the gears are quite out-standing.

The package came in a very good packaging, thereby giving an actual first impression very good. I was also really surprised because just to pack weights such type of details in packaging wasn’t required but Rogue did, which was good. The shipping was quite great and efficient as it arrived within two weeks and considering the size of the package it was a very big deal. With the best possible equipment in the market, I started looking out some of its drawback but was failed mostly because no other equipment in the market can compete withits quality. Considering all these things, the price is extremely reasonable and hence you are getting free shipping too. Therefore, I’m extremely happy with my Rogue’s Bravo Crossfit package and will continue to purchase products of Rouge in future too.






Ease of Use




Shipping time



  • Offers a good range of different variety in a package.
  • Quality of each and every component is very durable.
  • Lifetime guarantee on Ohio bar.
  • Free shipping which arrives within two weeks.
  • The DVD provides shows hundreds of exercises and daily workout plans.


  • Very Expensive.
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