Top 20 Barbells

XMark ELITE SERIES 7’ Commercial Olympic BarXMark Fitness20 kg
Rep Gladiator Olympic BarRep Fitness20 kg
XMark Fitness LUMBERJACK 7' Olympic BarXMark Fitness19.5 kg
Sunny Threaded Solid Chrome Barbell BarSunny Health & Fitness5.4 kg
CAP OB-86B Olympic barCAP Barbell20 kg
Klokov Olympic Weightlifting BarbellCycle Force Group20 kg
Eleiko Olympic WL Training BarEleiko Sport20 kgCheck Price
Marcy Standard Hollow Bar KitMarcy15kg
Body Solid Olympic Power BarBody solid15.8 kg
The Beast BarCAP Barbell20 kg
Titan Fitness 60” BarbellTitan Fitness25 lbs.Check Price
Yaheetech Olympic Weight BarYaheetech38.5 lbs.
XMark CONVICT 6' Rack able Olympic EZ Curl BarXMark Fitness20 kgCheck Price
RAGE Fitness Olympic Training BarbellRAGE Fitness20 kg
CAP Barbell 2-Inch Deluxe Curl barCAP Barbell30 lbs.
Axle Barbell ("Fat Bar") for Grip Strength and Strongman TrainingOne Fit Wonder44 lbs.
American Barbell California BarAmerican Barbell20kgCheck Price
American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic BarAmerican Barbell20kg
Ivanko OB Olympic BarIvanko Barbell20kg
CAP Barbell Stainless Steel Needle Bearing Olympic BarCAP Barbell44 lbs.

XMark ELITE SERIES 7’ Commercial Olympic Bar

The XMark ELITE SERIES 7′ Commercial Olympic Bar consist of 185,000 PSI tensile strength having a moderate bend which provides extensive working of the bar. The six needle bearings facilitate the collars to provide a comfortable and repetitive spin. Having a model number XM-9061 the bar is ideal for commercial gym and home use.  The shaft is coated with superior quality that provides greater durability. The coating on the shaft is of black manganese phosphate that prevent rust more than the black oxide coated bar. Also it gives the bar shaft a bit sticky feel. The knurling on the bar is moderate having dual specification with IPF and IWF knurl marks. When knurling and coating are combined, the bar gives a strong firm hold which helps to grip the bar very tight.

The sleeves are of hard chrome that moves smoothly on six needle bearings and are protected using double snap ring. Hence, making the sleeves never disjoint from the shaft. XMark ensures you high quality commercial bar with extensive tensile strength. Constructed using good quality alloy steel and double snap ring system, the XMark bar provides great performance for CrossFit, Olympic and Powerlifting. With promising quality and affordability, XMark equipment are generally very aggressive.

Pros Cons
Black manganese prevents the bar from getting rust better than black oxide.Black manganese coating produces discomforting smell.
Comes with dual knurling of IPF and IWF standard.The black manganese easily chips off.
Shipping is included in the price tag.

Rep Gladiator Olympic Bar

The Rep gladiator Olympic bar by rep fitness consist of a shaft diameter of 25mm that offers a comfortable grip. Having 230,000 PSI tensile strength and 1500 pounds weight capacity, bending or breaking may not be an issue to worry about. With a smooth whip, the Gladiator bar is applicable for every use. The coating on the bar is of hard chrome, which prevents the bar from getting rust and making the bar maintenance free. Though the hard chrome coating is pretty expensive, but offers good value of money. The spin and rotation of the barbell is very smooth and comfortable due to five needle bearings per sleeve. Hence, providing a good movement during snatches and cleans.

The knurling on the bar is moderate which let you lift heavy weight without digging in your hands. The knurling is useful to perform CrossFit and higher rep workouts, which let you lift heavy without the use of gloves or powder. The dual marking are essential for powerlifting and weightlifting. Comes with a five year warranty which shows that how rep fitness is backing up their product. The warranty is against bending or breaking in which the whole component will be replaced without any additional charges.

Coated with hard chrome which prevents the bar from getting rust and is maintenance free.The barbell is coated with hard chrome which is really expensive.
Shipment of the bar is very quick and comes in good packaging.
The bar provides a smooth and comfortable spin.

XMark Fitness LUMBERJACK 7′ Olympic Bar

The high quality XMark Lumberjack Olympic bar is perfect for CrossFit, powerlifting and Olympic weight training. The bar shows greater elasticity and strength which makes it ideal for cleans, squats, bench press, deadlifts, snatches etc. The shaft of the bar is made with superior quality that increases the durability of the bar. Having a black manganese phosphate coating, the Lumberjack bar prevent rust and corrosion better than black oxide coated bar. Having a wet look and feel, the barbell consist of moderate knurling having dual specification IPF and IWF marks. When knurling and coating are combined, the bar gives a strong, firm hold which helps to grip the bar very tight.

The sleeves are constructed with chrome, which spin comfortably on self-lubricating brass alloy bushing and are protected using double snap rings. Hence, making the sleeves never disjoint from the shaft. Constructed with double snap ring and superior quality alloy steel, XMark’s Lumberjack provides extensive working for CrossFit, powerlifting and Olympic weight training. XMark fitness is a renowned brand and never compromises on products’ quality and durability.

The bar gives a good value of money.Warranty is not given with the bar.
Shipment of the bar is done within a week and it comes in good packaging.
Black manganese finish gives a very eye warming look and lets you handle the bar with ease.
The brass bushing produces a smooth and comfortable spin.

Sunny Threaded Solid Chrome Barbell

The sunny solid chrome bar is essential and convenient for commercial and home gyms. The barbell consist of 60” solid chrome plated steel having threaded ends, which makes the weight plates to be secure while lifting heavy. The weight of the bar is only 12 pounds which gives the independency to user from going heavy to light rep set. The grip of the bar is one of the most essential aspects of barbell to be considered as it helps you to achieve strong and tight hold. To properly grip the bar, knurling is very important which have many levels. In Sunny threaded chrome bar, the knurling is moderate which lets you hold the weight up to 250 pounds very easily. The plates are secured by using star locked collars which makes sure that the plates are in their place and doesn’t get slide off while lifting. With the sunny threaded solid chrome barbell you can easily perform total body workout with variety of exercises in your home or gym. Workouts like, front squats, back squats, zercher squats, overhead squats, rack-pulls, deadlifts, bent-over rows, overhead presses, push presses, snatches, bench presses, rack-pulls, stiff-leg deadlifts that will provide effective and superior results.

The bar is very affordable.The bar is not standard, most of the plates are having trouble getting fit in properly.
The bar comes in good quality having chrome plating which prevents the bar from getting rust.

CAP OB-86B Olympic bar

The OB-86B by CAP barbell is specifically designed for powerlifting and is not really recommended as Olympic or multi-purpose bar. The bar consist of only IPF knurl mark, while missing knurling in snatch area makes the rotation of sleeves very poor. With this affordable type of bar, the knurling is pretty good. Having comfortable knurling, it doesn’t really damages your hand. The knurl provides a secure and firm grip while lifting moderately heavy sets.  The OB-86B consist of pretty low tensile strength having a rating of 130,000 PSI, which is pretty enough to withstand heavy weights. As stated on specifications, the bar can withstand weight up to 1000 pounds which is massive for many weight lifters. Though an ideal weight for many lifters is 350 or 225 pounds on bench press and squats. The bar doesn’t consist of pin system which eliminates the need of tightening of collars during exercise. Also, no chance of disjoint sleeves from the shaft. Instead of that, modern horseshoe and snap ring design is used which makes the movement of sleeves much easy. The bar consist of phosphate coating which makes the bar being more corrosion resistant. Though phosphate oxidizes more in humid region so it’s better not to use the barbell there.

The price of the bar is very affordable.Center knurl isn’t provided.
The knurl and phosphate finish gives a very appealing look and design.The tensile strength is very low.
Having no pinning, prevents the tightening of collars. Comes in bad packaging.

Klokov Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

The Klokov Olympic weightlifting barbell fulfils all IWF and IPF standards and dimensions along with knurl mark spacing that plays a key role in weightlifting competitions. The bar is constructed with solid steel having a massive tensile strength of 235,000 PSI. The bar consist of a hard chrome finish and stain luster that prevents the bar from getting rust and corrosion. With color coded end cap badge the bar looks eye warming and appealing towards many athletes.

The knurling on the bar is moderate which makes the bar very comfortable to lift heavy weights. You can even customize Klokov center knurling by making it more rough or aggressive, to come up with a more secure grip.  Around ten needle bearings are encased under the stainless steel ring. Hence, providing a smooth, quick and comfortable spin that is essential for CrossFit. The bar comes with a slight weight tolerance from twenty grams to ten above or below the specified weight. The bar has a total length of 2200mm. Proving Klokov Olympic barbells durability much further, it is backed with ten years limited warranty which is very hard to find in today’s Olympic barbells.

Comes with a massive tensile strength of 235K PSI which can handle weight up to 1500 pounds.The barbell is very expensive.
Consist of ten year limited warranty that covers bending or breaking of the bar.
The whip and spin of the bar is very smooth, while the knurling doesn’t damages yours hand.

Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar

The Eleiko Olympic weight lifting training bar consist of ten precision bearings, with sharp adjustable grip and construction of genuine steel to fulfil the needs of lifters for an all in one package requirement. The bar is made of Swedish steel with a tensile strength of 215,000 PSI. Eleiko barbell is very strong with natural elasticity. Around 215,000 PSI pressure strength is required to bend or break it apart. Though, standard bars mainly have a tensile strength of 130K – 140K PSI. All of Eleiko weightlifting bars are treated properly with steel to ensure the user have much stronger barbell along with flexibility, making it to come back in place after every bend due to heavy lifts. Having a beautiful chrome coating, Eleiko ensures that the bar will serve them for longer time. Eleiko weightlifting bars are IWF certified and checked down to millimeter and milligram to find any defect or blemish on the bar. The barbell is passed through many ultra sound, magnetic particle test to check internal defects while assembling. The barbell comes with a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking. It is recommended to drop the barbell on a floor padding and not to place them on metal racks.

Comes with a massive tensile strength of 215K PSI which can withstand the weight up to 1500 pounds.The bar is really expensive.
The bar is coated with chrome that doesn’t need excessive maintenance and prevents the bar from rust and corrosion.Doesn’t comes in good packaging and shipment is very late.
Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Marcy Standard Hollow Bar Kit

The Marcy Standard Hollow bar comes with a kit which includes one forty seven inches hollow chrome steel standard curl bar, with two fourteen inch hollow chrome handles for dumbbells and around six spring lock collars that are in standard shape. The hollow bars are made using superior quality steel chrome, which gives greater longevity and prevents the bar from getting rust and corrosion. The Curl bar by Marcy lays an extensive weight set, making it a good option for beginners who wants to start lifting at home in a very affordable pricing. Not only the bar, but the dumbbell handles are sturdy enough to withstand heavy weight. With a weight limit not more than 120 pounds.

The bar has a length of forty-seven inches which is mostly used to pump up your biceps through curling. With moderate knurling and dual knurl mark, the bar is able to give a secure and comfortable grip that doesn’t damages your hand while lifting heavy. The spring lock collars are made of good steel and fits the weight plates on to the collars, very firmly without any clang.  Also, the bar is certified with standard IWF markings so every standard plate can fit in it very easily.

Comes in a very affordable price.Can withstand weight up to 120 pounds only.
Six collars, forty seven inch bar and dumbbell handles are included in a very low price.Comes in a very bad packaging.
EZ curl bar targets the biceps more often.

Body Solid Olympic Power Bar

The Body Solid Olympic power bar lets you to enjoy a wide range of superior quality of workout. The barbell is designed in such a way to withstand heavier workloads of workouts starting from easy to hard, to help you come up with best possible workout routine. The bar is constructed in such a way to ensure you high quality equipment of a power bar which can be used anywhere, home, commercial gym, apartment gyms and more. The bar hasthe ability to withstand weight up to 600 pounds which is pretty enough for beginners as well as amateurs to work with. The bar consist of matt black finish that protects the bar from chipping, rusting, peeling and scarring. Thus, making the bar durable for you it is recommended to properly maintain the bar through oiling with WD-40.

The body solid gives you the variety to choose your respective barbell in 5, 6 or 7 feet length which fits standards and skills of every person. The construction done is very precise through stress proof alloy steel. The knurling done on the bar is of one moderate level which makes the handling of bar secure and comfortable. The dual knurling on the barbell helps you to properly adjust your hand while the knurl marks are with respect to IWF standards.

The bar is very affordable.Warranty isn’t included.
All the dimensions and components are according to IWF standards.The black paint chips off.
Comes in a good variety of bar length.

The Beast Bar

After gaining immense reputation in gym equipment market, CAP Barbell introduced their special type of barbells that are customized through color coating weightlifting bars. The specification and features of these bars are nearly the same as CAP’s standard bar, but with additive special type of Accu-coating. The coating done on beast bars are of high quality, that gives superior performance and extensive durability through rust resistant. The bars are easy to maintain and clean by increasing their life span. Hence, making these bars available for commercial gym and home gym use.

The additive accu-coating is a special type of coating that prevents the bar from getting rust and corrosion by working as an armor on the barbell. With accu-coating there is also a standard chrome coat available, that works same as accu-coat. The beast bars are available in a length of 2200mm in which the inside length from the collar to next one is 1310mm. The material of the bar is pure steel that can handle any wear and tear of regular gym abuse. The sleeves are constructed with Snap clip design that ensure the plates are in place and doesn’t clang while lifting. The Best bars by CAP are backed with three years manufacturer warranty against bending or breaking the bar.

The bar have the ability to handle up to 1000 pound of weight.The beast bar are expensive than regular CAP Barbell standard bar.
The accu-coat finish is eye warming and extremely durable.
Comes with a three year limited warranty.

Titan Fitness 60″ Barbell

This 5 feet or 60” barbell by Titan Fitness is an Olympic weight bar which is very compatible and convenient to use at home or commercial gym. The bar is constructed using heavy metal steel with a hard chrome finish on it. The chrome is expensive yet the best because it prevents the bar from rusting way better than black oxide or zinc coating. Also you won’t be needing to maintain the bar regularly because Chrome is considered as maintenance free. The bar hasa dimeter or two inches which is one of the standard dimensions of barbell and can fit any standard Olympic weight plates very easily. Having a grip area of diameter 1.1” is also an important factor of this bar because it lets you easily adjust your hand on the knurl which helps you to lift weight properly and securely. Titan fitness barbell have the ability to withstand 500 pounds of weight. Therefore, with a bar weight of only 25 pounds, this is a pretty massive number to bear which Titan fitness barbell’s do with ease. The barbell is essential and used for curls, bench press, deadlifts, squats and many more exercises.

The construction of bar is very sturdy with chrome finishing that gives a very eye warming look.The bar comes in bad packaging.
Shipment of barbell is free and quick, which arrives within a week. Warranty is not included.
The bar is very affordable and perfect for every level of athlete.

Yaheetech Olympic Weight Bar

The Yaheetch Olympic weight bar is a high quality barbell which is seven foot long, and constructed using superior iron which is covered with a silver finish, that prevents the bar from getting rust and corrosion. The barbell is specifically designed to work out on upper body exercises through improving jerk and snatch skills. The bar comes with a diameter of 1.18 inches and a sleeve dimeter of 1.9 inches which is considered ideal for every Olympic weight plate to fit in. Having a weight of 38.5 pounds the Yaheetech barbell hasthe ability to withstand up to 330 pounds of weight at a time. This total weight capacity is pretty massive for a 38.5 pound barbell which it handles very easily.

The knurling on the bar is very moderate which offers a very secure grip that easily fits in your hand and lets you work out with heavier weight very easily. The knurling on the bar is not aggressive that may damage your hand on lifting heavier weight set, though you can handle it without using gloves or powder. The barbell is very essential and ideal to be used at home or commercial gyms because of its compatibility, durability and affordability. Also, it comes with two spring locking collars to let the weight plates settle in easily.

The bar is very affordable and recommended especially for beginners and intermediate athletes.The ends of the bar doesn’t gives a proper fit to the plates and produce a sound while lifting.
Is constructed using heavy iron and coated with anti-rust silver finish.Warranty is not included and comes in bad packaging.

XMark CONVICT 6′ Rack able Olympic EZ Curl Bar

The Convict Six feet rack able Olympic EZ curl bar by XMark is one of America’s most used EZ curl bars that let you perform your old school workout very easily. The bar comes with a maintenance free snap ring locking system with brass bushings. The bar is six feet long having a weight of around 20kg which hasthe ability to withstand weight up to 400 pounds. Making it perfect for beginners and professionals as they look for the barbell that is affordable and can bare maximum weight. The Convict bar is perfect for performing curls as its extensive ten inches chrome coated sleeves are very durable with twenty eight millimeters bar which is coated with black manganese phosphate. Hence giving a very eye warming look, and making the bar protected from rust, corrosion and abrasion.

With this bar you can perform upper body exercises very easily as the rotation of sleeves gives a very repetitive momentum while the weights are still in contact with the collars and doesn’t clang. The Convict bar is a bit of expensive than straight bar but it’s a great investment. It is recommended to protect the bar and wipe down regularly with coating of WD-40 or three in one protective oil.

The bar is having a solid steel shaft with bronze bushings which are very genuine components.Regular maintenance is required.
The bar consist of good weight capacity.
Affordable then most of the curl bars.

RAGE Fitness Olympic Training Barbell

Nowadays, bushing barbells have overtaken bearing barbells because of their good whip and spin rotation that lets you to take your workout experience into certainly new level. The rage fitness Olympic training barbell is constructed with chrome and black oxide shaft along with a finish of hard chrome on sleeves. The bar is perfect for performing curls because of its great rotation and movement due to copper bushings. Copper is very reliable and can withstand wear and tear of regular gym abuse. With a massive tensile strength of 216,000 PSI and a bar weight of 20kg, this barbell is perfect for training high intensity heavy workout as this bar can bare weight up to 800 pounds which is immensely huge.

The bar is 86.5 inches long with a diameter of 1.1 inches, thus making the bar pretty standard and ideal for Olympic weight plates. Though there might be a chance of loosening of plates while fitting them in but that factor can also be minimized with the help of Spring lock collars. Having dual knurl IWF certified marks, makes the bar perfect for Olympic and powerlifting. Hence, increasing your option from where to grip the bar comfortably during heavy lifts.

Perfects for beginners and women who wants to deadlift, curls and more.The bar doesn’t fit on standard racks.
The bar is very sturdy and can handle weight up to 800 lbs.
Dual knurl marks are very comfortable with moderate knurling.

CAP Barbell 2-Inch Deluxe Curl bar

The 2-Inch Deluxe Curl Bar by CAP Barbell is used especially to perform upper body workouts which lays great focus on mass, strength and endurance. This bar is important to perform bicep curls and forearm exercises and reducing the pain from wrist and elbow respectively. The barbell is constructed using solid steel with a high quality black zinc finish. The barbell looks very sturdy while the zinc finish gives an eye warming feel. In a package you will be provided with fifty seven inches deluxe barbell along with two spring lock collars that makes the plates to stay in place. The weight of the bar is 30 pounds which have the capability to handle weight up to 200 pounds. The dimensions of the bar are very standard, with a two inch diameter it can accommodate many standard Olympic weight plates.

The knurling on the bar is moderate and consist of diamond knurled hand grips which helps you to comfortably adjust your hand on the bar which further facilitate it through rotating sleeves. The bar is best for home or commercial gym because it’s pretty much affordable then most of Curling bars. Thus, giving you a chance for work out different exercises to strengthen and gain muscles

The knurling on the bar is very impressive that doesn’t damages hand.Comes in a really bad packaging.
The rotation and movement of the bar is very smooth.The black zinc comes of very easily after several use.
The weight of the bar is very standard for beginners.

Axle Barbell (“Fat Bar”) for Grip Strength and Strongman Training

The fat bar by one fit wonder is specifically for strength training by giving the most comfortable grip available in powerlifting barbells. The bar consist of beefy thick shaft which plays an important role on making your forearms and biceps. The weight of the bar is 44 pounds which has the ability to withstand weight up to 1000 pounds. These numbers are pretty massive as by looking towards bar weight you can’t really expect that much weight capability. The bar is seven foot long with a standard two inch diameter that can fit every Olympic weight plate. Hence, performing exercises such as deadlift, bench press and clean onto a new level.

The bar is constructed using steel and hasa coating of powdered matte black. This coating prevents the bar from getting rust and corrosion also plays a huge roll on basic looks of the barbell. The bar comes with moderate dual knurling which let you comfortably adjust your hand while performing strength training. The knurl is not really aggressive and doesn’t damages your hand, though you can lift heavier weight easily without any use of gloves or powder.

Powdered coated matte finish prevents the bar from getting rust and gives an eye warming look and feel.The collars of the bar do not rotate, which is bad while performing bicep curls.
The bar comes in good packaging and shipping cost is included on price tag, making it quite affordable.
Best for doing thick grip training.

Ivanko OB Olympic Bar

The Ivanko barbells have maintained their reputation through testing each and every aspect of their barbell very precisely. The bar is tested to find any faulty or defected steel which is done through passing the barbell from three tests: Magnetic, X-Ray and Ultra-Sonic. The bar is also tested to check that is it really fully straight, hence making sure that the bar doesn’t have deflection greater than 0.006 per feet with respect to its length. The Olympic bar by Ivanko has a model number of OB-20kg which is coated with black oxide with a standard diameter of 28mm which is applicable for any Olympic weight plate. The bar consist of heavy duty steel with a tensile strength of more than 200,000 PSI. Ivanko also produces stainless steel bar which are pretty much expensive than OB-20kg but consist of greater durability and endurance. Though both the bars are extremely durable, but the black oxide bar is best as it is budget friendly and can withstand wear and tear of regular gym abuse.

The price of the bar is reasonable which suits the pocket.Coating of black oxide may chip off after several use.
Comes with a massive 200000 PSI tensile strength.
Company thoroughly examines the bar to find any defects.

American Barbell California Bar

American barbells constructed its first dual knurled crossfit bar knows as The California Bar, to challenge the very famous Rogue Ohio Bar. The bar came with extensive features and in recent years it came with such upgrades that increased the stakes and need of Californian bar much greater than Rogue’s one. The factor which really outstand it was the bar’s specifications and affordability. Having a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI, the bar pretty much matches industry standard. The bar is constructed using alloy steel which is extremely durable and better than steel.

The California bar consist of standard IPF and IWF dual marks, with no center knurl, hence making to lift the bar comfortably and reducing the chance of damaging your hand through aggressive knurl. The sleeves of the barbells spin very smoothly without any jerk even on heavier weights.  The best feature of this bar is that it is been coated with Black graphite Cerakote finish, which has the same level of oxidation as a firearm usually have. The finish is done very neatly, thus giving an eye warming feel. Also, the use of actual 28mm shaft which is standard, fits the weight plates on the California bar very easily and comfortably. The new American Barbell’s Stainless Steel Olympic bar is one of their best Olympic bar made, but also it comes in the list of most expensive bars.The basic specification of this barbell is pretty much alike Rogue’s Echo bar. Having a weight of twenty kilograms with a standard 28mm shaft diameter along with 190,000 PSI steady tensile strength, this bar easily fits everyone’s need of lifting.

Use of actual 28mm shaft.More expensive than Ohio bars.
Consist of industrial chrome.
Comes with dual IPF/IWF markings.

American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar

The reason because of its popularity is the construction which is done with Stainless steel. This material is very extravagant when compared with any other finish or shaft. While providing massive resistance from oxidation, the stainless steel also provides comfortable grip which is very much secure while lifting heavy weights. Stainless bars doesn’t really stick to your hands with an overly aggressive knurl, except it easily fits on your hand with dual IPF and IWF standard knurl marks. The American Barbell Stainless Steel bar comes in only one of two barbells that have a maximum rating of 10/10 for knurl and grip quality. The sleeves gives an aesthetic look and are chrome resistant, the grip is powerful and completely secure, and the bearings have the ability to bear heavy weight, even exceeding the actual weight capacity. The stainless steel bar is considered multi-purpose, with all such options and features it also has a very affordable price tag.

Stainless steel is resistant to oxidation.Due to stainless steel it’s very much expensive.
Knurl and grip quality is superior to any other bar.
The sleeves are resistant.

CAP Barbell Stainless Steel Needle Bearing Olympic Bar

The stainless steel needle bearing Olympic bar by CAP barbells is engineered to withstand high intensity workout and is one of the best choice for professional athletes and weightlifters. The bar is constructed very precisely by Stainless steel, which is considered one of the best fit for Olympic bar due to its extensive durability. The bar consist a weight of 44 pounds which can withstand up to 1500 pounds. The reason because of its massive weight capacity is its tensile strength of 190,000 PSI which is very hard to found on stainless steel barbells. The main attraction of this barbell is its five needle bearing on each sleeves. With these bearing, the whip and spin of the barbell is very comfortable which gives a very impressive touch while performing exercises such as curls, bench press and deadlifts. The length of the bar is 2200mm, having a sleeve length of 415mm and shaft length of 1310mm. The diameter of the shaft and sleeve are pretty much standard, thus making it accessible to add different Olympic weight plates. The barbells consist of bright zinc finish, on which the chance of rusting is immensely rust.

The stainless steel offers maximum durability and maintenance free barbell.The bar very expensive due to stainless steel construction and needle bearings.
The needle bearings gives a repetitive and smooth whip while doing curls.
Comes in a good packaging.
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