Olympic set by Ader Sporting goods Review

For over 30 years, Ader Sporting Goods has been the leading importer and distributor of fitness equipment. They produce a wide variety of fitness products including fitness and cardio equipment, free Weight Sets Review , rubber flooring, accessories as well as equipment parts for many makers in the country and across the globe . The weight plates which are sold and used for home, are usually made from heavy duty cast iron having a protective coating on the exterior part. The weight goes high up to  45 pounds, Olympic weight plates are designed in such a way that it matches the same dimension of regulation Olympic plates which are used in official weight lifting competitions. Every fitness lover nowadays carries a barbell and several other weight lifting equipment for home use, just to save time and show consistency, so having a regulation Olympic size equipment, means a set of plates, won’t make a big deal. The Ader Olympic Plates which comes in kilogram pair or set, is an excellent purchase if you are looking for good quality plates. Looking at their price, the Ader Olympic plates are the first choice amongst people and is widely respected too. Due to the addition of nice touches and cheeky design, this product becomes a great value for money. 

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The Olympic weight set by Ader Sporting Goods, comes with a normal and standard length of seven foot Olympic bar. The plates are made up of Cast Iron and Spring locked collars are used to make the plates adjust tightly. The forty five pounds bar consist of a length which is fifty one inches long between collars and is extremely strong to withstand the weight up to 750lbs. which is massive. The bar consists of solid end steel caps with Olympic training collars. The bar is accessible to perform exercises like, bench press, bicep curls, deadlift and many more. Even after adding a total weight of 210 lbs. there still remains plenty of space to add more if you want. The plates are made of quality cast iron with a black enamel finish on them. They consist of a thick lip like space around its perimeter to make the transportation of plates easily. The Weight Sets Reviews easily slips on and off the bar due to the rubber gripping in its center. Also, the heavy duty collars makes sure that they are properly fit.

There are around ten type of Olympic plates present by Ader Sporting goods. The most common thing in all of them is that they have two inch diameter hole insert. The name of the ten plates along with some specifications are, Color Solid Rubber Bumper plates with no logo,  Color Solid Rubber Bumper plates with logo, 100 pounds bumper plates, Black Rubber Bumper plates with no logo, Black Rubber Bumper plates with logo, Rubber Encased Grip plates, Urethane Encased Grip plates, Gray EZ Grip Plates, Gray plates and Wide Lip plates. All of these consist of some differences like color, weigh range, quality and durability. Though, Ader Sporting goods is one of the renowned manufactures, so having trust with any of these plates is admirable.

The weight plates comes in variety of sets of different weight plates, starting from the lowest of 1.25lbs and going all the way to 100lbs is in my opinion a massive weight range. Making the weight set by Ader preferable for beginners to professional weight lifter both. The lowest increment of 1.25lbs is very hard to found on other Olympic weight set of different company. Ader’s Color Solid Rubber plates are one of the best yet the most expensive Olympic plates to workout with. The reason is due to the fact that Rubber plates are comparatively expensive than Cast Iron plates, because they have a low bounce, low noise impact and best for crossfit. So working with them, increases your safety and keeps you out from severe injuries like falling of plates on feet.

There is a thing to note down before purchasing this weight set, is that when the plates arrive at your door step they are fresh and will be coming straight from the factory, so there is a chance of strong odor of paint or rubber which will last only for couple of days. However, if there is still some kind of smell present even after a day or two then it is suggested to wash them up with vinegar and water then subsequently drying them under the sun. This method will surely solve the issue of smell.

Specification and Features

  • There are around twelve Olympic weight plates in 210lbs Olympic weight set by Ader Sporting good.
  • The plates are covered in dark black color and are constructed with Heavy Duty Cast Iron.
  • In one set of 210lbs, there are two 2.5lbs plates, four 5 lbs. plates, two 10 lbs. plates, two 25 lbs. plates and two 35 lbs. plates.
  • There are two solid chrome plated spring lock collars included in the set.
  • One seven foot long Olympic bar, weighing 45lbs with a capacity to hold up to 750lbs.
  • The other plate of Ader Sporting is having a finish of hammer tone steel plate.
  • Weighing around 45 lbs.
  • Constructed with Cast Iron and are solid basically.
  • With a 2% weight tolerance, above or below the actual weight.
  • Rubber Coated Olympic Bumper plates by Ader Sporting goods.
  • In a set of 230lbs, there is a pair of 10, 25, 35, 45 pounds weight.
  • An additional plate rack included to keep the plates in place and well organized.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the Olympic plates by Ader Sporting goods, are quite nice cast iron plates. It was the first time I went to buy Olympic plates and I can say that their quality is much better than the ones that are placed in Sports authority. The thing which really attracted me on buying them, was the size options of plates along with its huge variety of weight range. I purchased the 1.25lb micro plates, and for two years I’m working out with them. The one that came in my shipment was a bit different regarding color, as it had spotty gray coating and Weight Sets Reviews 2018 were molded in silver lettering. I haven’t experienced any cracks, flaking or chipping from these plates in last two years, so overall it was a good and cheap investment I made, and is recommended for you too, to give Olympic plates by Ader Sporting goods a try.




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  • These weight plates are very affordable as compared to other cast iron and bumper plates.
  • Ader sporting goods have given a great variety of different plates and along with them it’s a huge set of weight range.
  • Weight range of 1.5lbs to 100lbs is preferable for beginners as well as expert weight lifters.
  • The very strong, rigid, heavy duty bar consist a weight capacity of up to 700lbs.
  • The thick lip around most of the plates makes them easy to handle and carry it around.


  • Strong rubber odor is present form the plates at the time of shipping.
  • The rubber coating plates needs some maintenance from time to time.
  • A storage case should be provided to makes the weight plates easy to carry and move around to different work place.
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