Premium Color Bumper Plates Review

Bumper plates are Olympic weightlifting plates that are made of beefy thick, hard rubber to make sure that the loaded bar is safely and securely dropped without certain risk of damaging the floor, the plates themselves or even yourself. Bumper plates have a huge variety over regular steel plates and are also available in pounds and kilograms both, with the same exact weight as traditional cast iron weight plates. Bumper plates looks aesthetic in variety of colors and also that color thing differentiates them from regular steel plate as they are only available in silver or black color. Bumper plates are color coded by weight using a set of different color schemes. Therefore, if you are training for Olympic lifts usually these type of lift is known as CrossFit because you have to lift the Weight Sets Review over your head, Having the different color coded weights specified, you can select any one from them which matches your compatibility.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The bumper plates by XTraining Equipment are especially designed for Crossfit workouts. Having their availability in variety of colors which are made from thick solid rubber material, shows that how durable these weight plates are with such components like, steel insert. The construction of X Training Equipment Premium Color Bumper Plateis done in such a way that it can withstand any impact and after that gives you a certainly low bounce. Though, increasing the life of your bumper and bar and making them available for consistent training.

X Training Equipment, have specifically made these bumper plates to be lifted up and put down. There is also a great part of athletes, Crossfit coaches, and Olympic lifting experts in the making of its design. Having the steel inside the plates, the bumpers fit with the aid of its steel inserts, the bumpers will fit comfortably on the bar.

If you compare the bumper plates by Xtraining equipment or with any soft bumpers available in the market or internet, you will see that Xtraining Bumpers are very much durable. These bumpers plates are not designed specifically for Olympic weight training but they are designed to withstand any regular gym abuse. That’s why they are continuously dropped when they are being tested thus observing that these plates aren’t damaging the floor at all. If you have only a limited and confined space available, then that doesn’t becomes a big issue because these bumpers are made not to deliver a big bounce because of rubber even after striking the floor.

As far as its value is concerned, it’s a very weird and surprising thing to mention that these bumper plates by XTraining equipment are less expensive than any other bumper plates which matches its specifications. Hence, proving that their high quality also comes with great value of money.

X Training Premium bumper plates are color coded which makes it easy to choose the weight at first sight. Being constructed with low bounce and high density they also follow the same specifications of standard Olympic weight Sets Reviews  which have later been testified and certified by Olympic lifter and coaches. Having a quality steel insert on the inside of bar hole the plates fits comfortablyon any Olympic bar.Premium Color Bumper Plates comes in a pair. Thirty five pound plate comes in blue color, forty five pounds plate comes in red, twenty five pounds comes in yellow,  fifteen pound plate comes in black and ten pounds plate comes in green.

In one set of 160lbs. Premium Colored Bumper Plates by Xtraining Equipment, you’ll be provided with two 10lbs. Color bumper plates, two 25lbs. Color bumper plates, two 45lbs. Color bumper plates along with especially designed X Training Equipment Olympic Barbell and with two Spring lock collars are provided in a package. These weight plates comes with free shipping which makes your overall budget more friendly.

Specification and Features

  • Made from durable 100% Rubber.
  • Designed for low bounce.
  • Color coded with respect to weight.

Final Verdict and Review

When I first purchased the Premium Color Bumper Plates by XTraining equipment, they arrived within a week which I must say was a great gesture by the company. Then, coming to its design and quality, I was very pleased with both of them the plates were made of 100% beefy rubber which looked durable enough for many years. I was pretty much aware that there are many Olympic plates in the market which are significantly more expensive and specifically designed for Olympians but these plates by Xtraining pretty much fulfilled my need of bumper plates and looked suitable for any environment, commercial, professional or many more.

The only negative aspect I faced from these plates was, the day when these plates arrived at my doorstep they were freshly painted just like coming out of factory mill. The Paint produced an overwhelming, unpleasant smell in my workspace since I purchased them to workout in my common area. If anyone, had such issue like I did, then I will suggest that let these plates dry out for couple of hours on your roof to make the smell go away before bringing them in. Though, the paint looked good and fresh but feeling such as of smell should also be taken account by the manufacturers. Regardless of that, I will again say that I’m very much satisfied with my purchase of 160lbs. Premium Color Coded Bumper Plates by XTraining Equipment through Amazon. The color coded on the plates makes the choosing of Weight Sets Reviews 2017 very easy. The seven footed Olympic bar is very rigid and strong. Big things short, I’m convinced with these plates and will say that they are the best buy regarding budget on the internet and will make a great adjustment in your gym equipment. Hence, highly recommended product!




Ease of use




Shipping time





  • Specifically designed for low bounce training.
  • Comes with a free shipping, therefore save a lot of your cost and becomes budget friendly.
  • Different Color on weight plates makes them easy to recognize.
  • Affordable then buying a full stack of weights which are expensive and takes a lot of your space.
  • Are manufactured with hundred percent beefy high quality rubber.


  • Gives an over whelming smell of paint from the plates.
  • Rubber may melt or get burned if they are exposed in too much sunlight.
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