Proform Adjustable Dumbbells Review

If you are having a very low budget like below hundred and also you are a fitness enthusiast who wants a good pair of dumbbells to workout at home, then the budget isn’t an issue because today I’m going to tell you about a product whose price is below hundred. The name of that product is Proform 25lbs. adjustable dumbbells. Proform comes in most popular brands to provide different types of exercise equipment. Designing a product with advance and extensive features is their natural habitat. Proform 25lbs. adjustable dumbbells are one of the best products by this company not only because of thelow price but also they give great capacity as compared to other adjustable dumbbells. If you think regarding opposite gender,Proform adjustable dumbbellsare also suitable for women who like to tone up their body by strengthening their biceps with dumbbells. They face many problems in using their partner’s (Men) dumbbells because not only they are heavy but also the grip and texture of those dumbbells don’t really make them feel comfortable to handle. So for any women, Proform 25lbs. Adjustable dumbbells Reviews are perfect to use and below are the further details to tell you why.

Table Of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The instructions of how to operate these dumbbells are very easy and there isn’t any huge science behind them of how to operate them properly. The adjustment of weight can be done within fifteen seconds which is one of the great features as compared to other adjustable dumbbells. Proform adjustable dumbbells show versatility and comfort in many ways, but the weight adjustment procedure is one of the most extravagant components in the entire set.  Proform 25lbs. adjustable dumbbells make your workout very easy if you are having a limited space at home as they are space saving dumbbells. In a dumbbells set you’ll be provided with two 12.5lbs. adjustable dumbbells by Proform, which advance up to a combined total of twenty five pounds. There are four round shaped plates of 2.5lbs. on each side and they adjust with a weight increment of 2.5lbs. per setting.

Talking with women perspective, no one wants their home go away with a lot of gym equipment. Therefore, for themProform Adjustable dumbbells are very compact in size, which makes them very easy to keep or store at any place. A storage tray is also provided on which you have to replace the dumbbells quickly when not in use. Thisprovides the dumbbells a great repository and thus preventing the act ofsearching around at the time of your workout. You can even hide them from your or any guest’s view by just putting them on tray and sliding beneath any furniture. The overall weight of Proform 25lbs. adjustable dumbbells is only twenty-five pounds which makes them very portable. This means you can easily take them to any place like in your office, gymor any place where you feel a need to work-out. Neglecting the use of men’s heavy duty dumbbells again you just have to throw them in your bag and can take them anywhere to enjoy your daily workout treatment.

When it comes to describing their weight plates, Proform 25lbs. Adjustable Dumbbells are made up of good quality with chrome plating on them but they do not offer a tight firm grip within the dumbbells. Due to this, while performing the exercise, the weight seems to wiggle a bit which distracts theoverall form. This is very annoying andalso gives a clanging noise which is usually very loud if you are performing a rep with good speed. However, making the use of ear plugs for listening music can block out this external noise to help you stay focused during your workout. A soft cushioned material is used in Proform 25lbs. adjustable dumbbells in handles which provides with a strong and comfortable grip. The type of stuff can make you to use these dumbbells with bare hands and utilize them for a greater period of time. When the hands become moist and slippery due to sweat, the comfortable grip will negate that contradiction too. ProForm is a well renowned brandwhich is manufactured by ICON Health and Fitness. Hence, it provides great service regarding shipment policy in very less number of days.Even Walmart provides a ninety days warranty for ProFrom 25lbs. Adjustable Dumbbells.

Specifications and Features

  • Comes with a total weight of twenty five pounds
  • Two dumbbells of 12.5lbs. are included.
  • The color of these dumbbells are only Silver.
  • Dimensions of this product are thirteen by thirteen by nine point five inches in all.
  • Weight adjustment is with five pounds increment.
  • Storage tray is also included.
  • Compact and easy to store design.
  • Increases the intensity of your work out.
  • Plates are in round shape and are made of steel.
  • Soft Cushioned material is used in handles.

Final Verdict and Review

Proform 25lbs. Adjustable dumbbells Reviews 2017 are some good set of dumbbells having some great features like weight adjustment, affordability, durability and quality. I feel very pleased when I first purchased these dumbbells because as being a trainer I wanted a product which suits good to beginners, women and some old age clients. The thing which really attracted me in these dumbbells was the minimum adjustable weight starting from just 2.5 pounds and going all the way to 12.5 pounds per dumbbell. At first, I really had problems in switching the weight because of that pin adjustment system but after working on them for several days I got use to that thing too. In these dumbbells me alongside my client never felt of sliding out the plates while doing exercise which means they are very securely fit within. A very different feature which I discovered in these dumbbells was the ability to load dumbbells from either of the sides which is very useful in some exercise like dumbbell row, dumbbell fly in which you have to give a downward push on weight, so that was pretty useful and advanced. Coming with a storage tray these dumbbells were very easy to store when you are not doing exercise and looks very good due to the chrome-plated steel design. The only issue which I along with my clients faced mostly was the clanging noise from the plates. That noise becomes very loud when we used to perform high intensity workout. Also in maximum weight, the clanging disturbed our natural form.






Ease of use


Shipment time





  • Very Affordable as price is below hundred dollars.
  • Low minimum weight of just five pounds which is good for beginners and especially women to start with.
  • Comes with a three year warranty which gives you a satisfaction that this product can handle the tear and wear like traditional dumbbells.
  • Small, compact size makes these dumbbells to be easily stored anywhere in your room.
  • An increment of only 1.25 pounds allows you to slowly weight up your exercise, providing you with a good form and slow bulk.


  • Have a low maximum weight of only 12.5 pounds which is below for some people like experts and professionals.
  • Produces a lot of noise because plates are not properly adjusted within the dumbbells.
  • Can wobble while using maximum weight because plates collide with each other which can ruin your form.
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