Rubber Grip Oly Set byBody Solid Review

Building a body like a top level athlete requires a lot of hard work, motivation, determination and focus. Though having all these things and a good set of Iron weight plates will enhance your goal to move a step further. Free weigh training gives a vast variety of intense exercises for a wide range of users. Starting from beginner to top level athlete, they give an equal result. Therefore, free Weight Sets Review training is always considered as the best method to perform a full range of exercises that require much intensity and confidence.  The new Body Solid’s Rubber Grip Olympic setisone of the best weight sets for any home or local gym. The plates are color coded for easy weight selection, these rubber bumper plates makes the dropping of  plates much safer than Cast Iron metal weights. The bumper plates also protect you and the floor when you are working on a quite low concrete floor or on a plain wood surface. Hence, reducing the need of floor padding while lifting. Each set consists of a bar and weight plates.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The Body Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Plates leave all behind when it comes to accuracy, quality, price and reliability. The quad grip design used on plates makes them easy and safer to use. The new impact resistant design prevents the plate from getting chipped, flake and rust if your desire is to use them for a long time. Hence, this special design by Body solid is made to handle any wear and tear of local gym abuse. The Rubber Grip Olympic barbell and weight set make the plate set covered in a heavy duty rubber to protect your floor and surface. The new invention of quadruple grip makes the weight plates easy to carry around and let them adjust in aseven-foot-long Olympic bar. The plates are extremely durable having an impact resistant. There is also an integrated metal sleeve attached into each metal plate to make them easily slide onto the bar without any hesitation and oiling, also preventing the bar from scratches.

Due to their high quality and precise manufacturing there is no chance of chipping, rusting or even cracking from these plates in future. So it can withstand any type of gym abuse. Normally, the Rubber Grip Olympic Plates by Body Solidcome in three packages having different weight options, starting from 300lbs, 400lbs and 500lbs. Hereby, it is suggested for beginners to go for 300lbs package more because the number of plates in them is therefore less and you’ll be able to use them in your working regularly, despite having more plates in remaining two packages by which you are not even working and they are getting wasted eventually.

There is a thing to note down before purchasing this weight Sets Reviews , is that when the plates arrive at your door step they are fresh and will be coming straight from the factory, so there is a chance of strong odor of paint or rubber which will last only for a couple of days. However, if there is still some kind of smell present even after a day or two then it is suggested to wash them up with vinegar and water then subsequently drying them under the sun. This method will surely solve the issue of odor. Body Solid’s Colored Rubber Grip Olympic sets typically have a policy to ship your package within two to three business days right after you have placed the order.  An automatic email is sent to you by Body Solid along with your tracking informationas soon as your equipment has shipped and tracking details become available.

Specification and Features

  • Ability to select from 300, 400, or 500lbs weight sets.
  • In each set there is one 7-foot-long of weight forty pounds Chrome plated Olympic bar along with two Spring lock collars.
  • For the safest and easiest performance, Quad-grip design is used.
  • Heavy duty rubber coating prevents damaging and scuffing to floors and walls.

Final Verdict and Review

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. The main happiness is due to the Body Olympic bar which gave a great feel in my hands along with thecomfort, also I didn’tfeel any painon my back while I did deadlift or bicep curls. The threading and etching on the grip was brilliant. No bar in the gym equipment category can match its quality except of its price which in my opinion was a bit higher.Even by its looks, you’ll feel the build quality i.e. Sleeves and knurling.




Ease of Use






Shipping time



  • Gives a huge variety on selecting weight range in 300,400 or 500 pounds.
  • Quad grip on plates to handle any wear or tear.
  • The plates are Rubber coated which protects the floor.
  • Metal sleeve on plates make them to slide down easily on the bar.
  • The bar is very comfortable and easy to hold due to the size and shape of the grip handles along with the softness of rubber.


  • Strong rubber odor is present from the plates at the time of shipping.
  • The rubber coating plates need some maintenance from time to time.
  • The set is quite expensive because of the bumper plates and the rubber which is used.
  • A storage case should be provided to make the weight plates easy to carry and move around to different work place.
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