VTX Olympic Rubber Weight Set Review

Troy Barbell features in the list of companies that make high quality Olympic Weightlifting sets for starters and experts alike. Today I’m going to be reviewing about the new Troy VTX Bumper Plate Set which comes in different packages like standard, color coded and in three grip design, but I’ll make sure that you go through enough detail that will make you purchase this Olympic Weight set. If you are looking for bumper plates that includes a heavy bar too in its package, then VTX Olympic Rubber Weight set is the best choice for you because this set consist of some great features, the plates are constructed in kilograms and are color coded. You will have no worry of dropping them from a certain height to a platform because they are constructed with Solid Rubber. Thus, making them a good choice for home or commercial gym use. The reason why rubber bumper plates are widely used is due to the fact, you can drop them easily without any hesitation and on the other hand, thebeefy rubber absorbs the impact or shock. The color coded plates makes the user to select Weight Sets Review easily at first glance.To make them absorb the impact of falling against a platform, the diameter of each of the plates are kept same. Though a nice floor padded is recommended if you are going through workouts which consist of over-head falling.

VTX Olympic Rubber Weight Setmakes a healthy addition to any home orcommercial gym . Crossfit is one of the major Olympic Weightlifting sets. Even footballers, use Olympic Weightlifting to increase their explosive energy because that game requires a lot of stamina. With great quality, this weight set is one of the best choice for any gym environment. Troy VTX  bumpers are considered some of the best weight set in the gym equipment industry.Through  great quality with an unmatchable price. Also with a one year warranty against splitting, peeling or breakage gives the user a one-step satisfaction too. It is recommended not to buy bumper plates just by their cheapness and low price in fact, choose them by considering its quality, low bounce along with durability, just like these VTX bumper plates which are master in all three sections.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The best part of Troy VTX package is the selection of  different weight sets that you can purchase. In starting, you are provided with a pair of 10,25 and 45 pound of weight. Thus, it’s a great variety of set especially for beginners who just started doing weight lifting. Starting with a 10 pound pair, they can easily increase the weight seeing their compatibility and can even purchase more weight to add in their collection for future use.  Going one step further, there is a set of plates offered by Troy which includes the same pair of previous one 10, 25 and 45 pound weight but in addition it gives you a pair of 15 pounds plates as well. For athletes, the addition of 15 pounds weight is very helpful, as it will give them the ability to plan their workout one step at a time. Though mixing and matching with variety of weight combination through this step up technique to perform maximum number of exercises.

There is also one men’s basic set which consist with a pair of  10 and 25 pounds weights, and in addition it provides you with four plates of 45 pound weights. Though this set is purchased mostly by experts because of larger increment in weight plates, but beginners can also get a lot of experience through them. However, but it’s not really suggested to buy them because there isn’t much difference between step up set and complete set. However, the highly recommended package ever as rated by Olympic Weight Set review is thee Troy VTX GOSS-300VR_mid. Clearly, the best set available in the market by Troy is the complete set. This set comes with pairs of all the weights which are of 45, 35, 25, 10 and 2.5 pounds of weight plates. Also there are four plates of 5lbs. included too. Along with a seven inches bar and two spring lock collars for secure fit.

Though this set has a maximum weight limit of 260 pounds on which the weight of bar is not yet included, thus giving the athlete independency in performing variety of exercises, which includes, deadlift, squats, bench press, power cleans and many more. Starting from the Troy entry level set and making yourself familiar with Olympic weightlifting, this 260 pound set will make you to enhance your fitness, on to the next level. This weight set also helps you to maintain your body, especially the athletes who doesn’t really want to bulk up much. Hence, making this Troy set a perfect possible choice to go with.  When it comes to talk about advanced Olympic weightlifters, Troy VTX full outfit weight set is recommended for them to step up their sport onto the next level and completing their work out on regular basis. Having pairs of 10, 15, and 25-pound weights, there is an huge addition of six 45-pound Weight Sets Reviews . Thus giving a combine weight of 370-pound in a set, which may be a bit more to handle for beginners. Well if you are working out on the expert level, then I guess it’s  a great investment. However, if you started Olympic weightlifting with a desire and a goal to achieve, then this set is the perfect option to invest in.

Seeing Troy different weight sets and packages now it’s time to compare them with other sets of different companies. The price range for these bumper plates are a bit higher, as the VTX bumper plates comes with a steel insert. Whereas, the cheaper bumpers consist of a brass insert on which there is a lot of chance of wrapping if you are using the consistently. The steel insert of Troy VTX is of good quality, though there is a chance of scratches and scraps while loading the plates onto the bar, but that doesn’t really effects the fit of the weight to the bar. While comparing Troy VTX  with other weight sets through price range, they seemed to have very smooth sliding on and off the plate. While lifting, the weights do not bounce neither revolves while performing curls, they are found at the exact same place where the clamp is once thrown on. Though, in some weight sets, there is a chance of having a loose fit on diameter, which will give a bit jerky and clanging feeling while lifting, but in Troy VTX this thing is not even noticeable, which gives you a chance to perform exercise with a good movement.

There are also three other aspects of Troy VTX that should be worth mentioning. The weights comes with the marking of both kilogram and pound on each plate. Though, many people prefer pounds in United states but it’s preferable to meet the international requirement to make the usage of weight plates, easily across the globe. VTX bumpers are also available in different colors according  to their weight.This makes the plate easy to pick on a first glance by just looking to your rack and knowing the correct color for desired weight is much easier then calculating and playing around with the set, just to make sure you have correct and equal amount of weight on each side. The Troy VTX bumpers are basically skinny or thinner than other weight sets which helps the athletes to add more weight in great quantity.

One of the drawbacks of  Troy VTX bumpers is their warranty. Though the company gives you a one-year no-questions-asked guarantee, but when it comes to other bumper sets, like Rogue, seeing this price tag there should be up to two to three years easily. Well keeping aside the limited warranty, the Troy VTX bumper set is a best set for Olympic weightlifting. Coming with variety of options for purchases and the color coded weights may seem newness, making them quite easy for athletes. However, they consist of a same price as an actual good quality bumpers do and I think it is a great product to invest in.

Specification and Features

  • In a package of VTX Bumper weigh set there are 12 Plate having a pair of 10 lbs., 25 lbs., 35 lbs., 2.5and 45 lbs. Also, four 5 pounds plate.
  • There is a 7ft Olympic Power Bar along with the weight set having diameter of 32mm and weigh 44 lbs.
  • One Pair of Spring Collars are provided to secure the weights tightly.
  • Plates are constructed with solid beefy rubber.
  • Solid Steel Insert is provided on plates to protect as well as make the plates easier in loading and unloading.
  • Plates are engineered in such a way to provide durability and meet the most used bumper plate standards.
  • All Plates consist of a same diameter of 17.7 inches, as a typical 45 lbs. plate.
  • The Olympic bar is chrome plated which shows high strength with a stress proof alloy steel construction.
  • The Olympic bar have the capability to hold up to maximum of 600lbs.
  • There is a weight tolerance of 3%, below or above the stated weight.
  • The set consist of a Chinese origin.
  • Warranty of 90 days for 10 and 15 pounds of plates against breakage and a one year warranty for 25,35 and 45 pounds plates.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, after workout with these weight plates in gym, performing crossfit, strength training and lifting heavy Weight Sets Reviews 2017 with trainer. I was provided with enough space to have a home gym. Even though, I use floor padding on the concrete floor in my garage, but still I’ll go with Rubber plates and I’m glad that I made a right choice and great investment. Moving them around is so comfortable and easy. The bar gives a good strong hold, which makes me feel to use the Troy VTX bumper plates even more. There was a bad impact from shipping company when they came to deliver at my doorstep, I wasn’t at my home the time they came and only my wife was there to pick the package up. The Shipping company  made my wife to move the boxes from their truck to my garage which was a very bad and lazy gesture by the company. It was serious 300lbs. weight which is not easy to carry by a women, though I did mail the company about this behavior of shipping company.

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