XMark Fitness Premium Rubber Coated Olympic Set Review

Every product made by XMark shows you the way in providing you a home and light institutional fitness products that are designed in such a way to make your expectations proceed further. With the help of that, your muscles will be toned and get bulk if you are following its range of fitness offering. Utilizing machine or free weights will become an option to rest in your hands, though going from any route you’ll be delivered with efficient workout and unquestionable results. From Heavy Duty plate set to smooth and comfortable adjustment, XMark has the variety to cover your any fitness requirement. Finding a new set of weights is potentially an expensive proposal, which will make you spend some time doing shopping around before you purchase a new set of weight. If your aim is to purchase a set which is made of high quality coated weights, then you should consider the new XMark Fitness Premium Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Set which consists of all the features of any high quality Olympic set, but it also has the added benefit of being encased with premium rubber to protect your Weight Sets Review from dropping and also your floor respectively.

Though it is quite obvious to say that, XMark weight plate are beyond our expectations. The plates are made of high quality Cast iron through hand crafting and getting inspected very carefully. The plates are covered with premium and recycled rubber which is very tough and gives the plate a pretty strong look. The alcove tri-grip handles have generous openings, making them fit comfortably in the hand, the plates are in round shape with balanced finger slots which makes them quite easy for loading and offloading. The weight figures are molded into each plate. The solid steel exactness hub ensures a perfect adjustable fit on Olympic bars. Hence, there isn’t a doubt that XMark plates are of higher quality. To reduce costs, all of its plate weights are sold and shipped in pairs because it is quite cheaper to ship a pair of 45lbs plates instead of two singles individually.

Table of Content:

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  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The Fitness equipment by XMark are one of the most trusted and efficient gym equipment ever used. It consists of one high quality bar with a fine design having a length of seven feet including brass brushings. The bar further consists of a 28mm grip with an etched textured handles. The type of plates used by XMark are rubber coated having a triple grip on them, though in a 115lbs. set two 25lbs. weight plates are included, four 10lbs weight plates, four 5lbs. and two 2.5lbs. weight plates are included. Though the bar have the capacity to withstand 700 lbs. on which the weight of the bar is only 38lbs.  The bar is made of high quality cast iron and is hand crafted pretty well.

Black manganese phosphate is present on the shaft. High quality bars like in XMark use Black Manganese Phosphate. Manganese phosphate coatings are the toughest, while giving unbeatable corrosion and rust protection.The tri-grip handles have immense opening adjusting comfortably in the hand and are rounded with integrated finger slots and are made for easy loading and unloading. The rubber coated weight Sets Reviews are comparatively expensive than solid steel plates. The bar consists of a solid steel pivot which is made to meet the precision of plates so they can easily slide on and off accurately. XMark is one of the renowned fitness makers so you should expect things like these from a company who make great products. To make this product budget friendly, the weights of XMark are shipped in pairs or sets. It’s easier and cheaper to ship a set of 35lbs. plates instead of shipping them one by one.

From many years, X Mark have maintained a reputation of producing the most exactproportion of weightsets. That means it is assured that you are lifting the actual weight which is said and molded on the plates. X Mark defines quality, but there is a chance of strong chemical smell from the plates but that doesn’t disrupts the weight quality it is only a smell coming from plates which are freshly painted. Not everyone isfond of lifting coated weights, mainly because it doesn’t give that traditional old school look. But for the people who do, they know how these plates protect the gym flooring, protect the equipment from chipping. Making this Olympic weight set ideal for you, though not the most expensive but consist of all the features and benefits a certain Olympic Weight set should have.

Specification and Features

  • Seven foot long Olympic bar having brass bushings with 28 mm grip giving medium threading.
  • Consists of 700 lbs. weight capacity, though having a bar weight of 38 lbs.
  • Shaft is made up of black manganese phosphate. The coating is hardest which prevents from corrosion and abrasion.
  • XMark Fitness premium quality rubber coated tri-grip Olympic plate of a total weight of 115 lbs. includes two 25 lbs. plates, four 10 lbs. plates, four 5 lbs. plates and two 2.5 lbs. plates.
  • The one-piece cast iron plates are hand-made and checked for high quality.
  • The alcovetri-grip handles have spacious openings adjusting comfortably in your hand.
  • Plates are in round shape having integrated finger slots to make loading and offloading process easy.

In my opinion, XMark Fitness Premium Rubber Coated Olympic Set is one of the best fitness equipment to pick if you are starting to do weight lifting with rubber coated plates. The working on the plates is done with very accurateness, so that there should be a minimum impact sound even when the bar along with plates is having a low bounce.

Final Verdict and Review

The set comes in a good quality, with pairs of packages having different set of weight. Though I appreciate this thing because that makes the package easy to carry for the vendor. When I first opened my package, I sensed a very strong chemical smell which was unable to handle. So I put them on my roof for a day and next morning I saw that the smell had all gone. Though these plates are bit of expensive and they should be, because of rubber coating, but overall the XMark Premium Olympic set is a great investment on weight Sets Reviews 2018 to enhance your fitness regime.






Ease of Use




Shipping time



  • Strong motor delivering continuous 2.6 Horsepower
  • Built in work out programs
  • Easy single touch control maneuvers
  • Heart rate monitoring sensors


  • Noisy motor
  • Weight plates may chip off if the plates are consistently drop.
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