Yaheetech Olympic Weight Bar Review

Yaheetech comes in the list of best gym equipment provider due to their committed delivery time and high quality fitness equipment. There are many other brands that are taking the gym equipment market by storm such as, Rogue, CAP Barbell, Eleiko and others. Yaheetech isn’t really a brand but they are actually the providers of fine fitness equipment such as bench, ropes, barbells, racks, kettlebells, dumbbells and much more. They link up and deliver the equipment of those brands that are not really renowned yet their brand is somewhat better and comparatively is budget friendly.

The Olympic weight bars by Yaheetech are one of their top sold products because of its superior quality that comes in a very affordable price. The weight of the barbell is 45 pounds and it has the ability to withstand weight up to 300 pounds. The material used in the construction of this barbell is pure iron. The length of the barbell is 85 inches while the sleeve diameter is kept very standard which is of two inches. The length of the grip is 17.5 inches each. With each side I meant that there are dual knurl marks of IPF and IWF, so each knurl is of 17.5 inches. The knurling done on the barbell is very moderate. No center knurl is provided. The barbell comes with two spring lock collars to prevent the plate from clanging while lifting.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

TheYaheetech Olympic weight bar is a high quality barbell which is seven-foot-long, and constructed using superior iron which is covered with a silver finish, that prevents the bar from corrosion. The barbell is specifically designed to workout upper body exercises through improving jerk and snatch skills. The bar comes with a diameter of 1.18 inches and a sleeve diameter of 1.9 inches which is considered ideal for every Olympic weight plate to fit in. Having a weight of 38.5 pounds, the Yaheetech barbell has the ability to withstand up to 330 pounds of weight at a time. This total weight capacity is pretty massive for a 38.5 pound barbell which it handles very easily. The specialty of this barbell is its iron construction which makes this barbell very sturdy and durable. The iron construction hasthe ability to withstand wear and tear of regular gym abuse. Iron bars are not really easy to find yet the material used on them is not very rust and dust resistant, but still people choose this material because of its extensive look and accurate weight.

The knurling on the bar is very moderate which offers a very secure grip that easily fits in your hand and lets you work out with heavier weight very easily.The knurling on the bar is not aggressive that may damage your hand on lifting heavier weight set, though you can handle it without using gloves or powder. The medium depth knurl might not be really suitable for professional weight lifters as they ask for much aggressive knurl for their hands. The barbell comes with brass bushings which makes the whip and spin of the bar pretty much adjustable. The spin of this Yaheetech barbell will reduce pressure from your wrist big time and let you to perform an injury free workout. You can’t expect a good spin in such a low priced weight barbell, neither beginners will start their workout from Cross Fit or dead lifts so the spin is not really that level of concern in such price. Though, there may not be such spin concerns while using this barbell especially on lighter weights, but as soon as you go towards the heavier side, the spin eventually reduces due to heavier weight plates on collars.

With all such extensive features and benefits, purchasing this Yaheetech barbell will also let you have two spring lock collars. The use of these spring lock collars is to make the weight plates stay in place while performing high intensity workouts on heavier weight set. There is a huge chance of clanging and wobbling during that, so with these spring lock collars that issue is minimized. Yaheetech is a provider, so no warranty is given by the manufacturers. Whereas, Yaheetech being a renowned organization gives a thirty days checking warranty during which bending or breaking of the barbell is covered. This is a one-piece barbell that comes in great packaging and along with its affordability, this barbell also has free shipping with it. It is recommended to properly maintain and keep the look of the barbell same as before, so a light coat of WD-40 and three in one oil lets you to achieve that thing too. The barbell is very essential and ideal to be used at home or commercial gyms because of its compatibility, durability and affordability. Also, it comes with two spring locking collars to let the weight plates settle in easily.

Specification and Features

  • The weight of the barbell is 45 pounds.
  • Hasthe ability to withstand weight up to 300 pounds.
  • The material used in the construction of this barbell is pure iron.
  • The length of the barbell is 85 inches.
  • The diameter of the sleeves iskept very standard andis of two inches.
  • The length of the dual knurl marks is17.5 inches each.
  • The dual knurl marks are with respect to IPF and IWF standards.
  • The knurling done on the barbell is very moderate.
  • No center knurl is provided.
  • The barbell comes with two spring lock collars to prevent the plate from clanging while lifting.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the Olympic Weight bar by Yaheetech is a quite budget friendly barbell that has a very high quality construction and superior functionality. When I purchased this barbell, it arrived at my doorstep within two days. The barbell came in good packaging along with free shipping. When I opened the box, the barbell looked well placed and had no damage or scratches on the shaft and sleeves. The barbell looks very sturdy with their on construction. I started working out with this barbell with amedium weight, I experienced that it was giving a very repetitive motion of spin because of those brass bushings. The medium depth knurling adjusted very firmly on my hands. The whip of the barbell was quite average but I wasn’t able to perform squats with this barbell due to no center knurl provided. Overall, this barbell by Yaheetech was a very decent yet an affordable purchase and it is recommended for everyone to buy it.






Ease of Use




Shipping time



  • The bar is very affordable and recommended especially for beginners and intermediate athletes.
  • It isconstructed using heavy iron and coated with anti-rust silver finish.
  • The dual knurl marks let you adjust on the shaft quiet easily.
  • Brass bushing provides a very reliable and repetitive spin on medium weight plates.
  • Medium depth knurling gives you a very comfortable and secure grip while lifting.


  • The ends of the bar don’t give a proper fit to the plates and produce a sound while lifting.
  • Warranty is not included with the bar.
  • Iron barbells need proper maintenance.
  • Brass bushing produces minor or no spin on heavier weight set.
  • The bar is not recommended for squats because of no center knurl.
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