York International Olympic Set Review

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  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

TheYork International Olympic Set, is a high quality set which comes in 300lbs. of weight plates and Olympic spring steel collars for securing them to the metal bar. The Olympic barbell has further 700 lbs. weight capacity to add on. In one set of York International Weight sets Review there are two 45lbs. plates included with two 35lbs. plates, two 25lbs. plates, two 10lbs. plates, four 5lbs. plates and two 2.5lbs. weight plates are included in a set which gives them a total weight of 300lbs. approximately. Along with that there is one, 7-inches long your International Chrome bar with split sleeves and one pair of Olympic Spring collars to hold the weight while lifting. The ISO Grip plate consists of two types, one is steel composite and the other one is of same material but covered with rubber. Though the rubber Encased steel plates are especially used by professionals for Crossfit. Hence, they are a bit more expensive too. The material used in the manufacturing of plates is pure cast iron and ispainted black. The weights are a bit expensive because of this but looking the company’s prestige in mind York has been quite successful around years for producing high quality weight.

They are having a standard lip that most of the people use to grab the weight is provided by York and the name of the company along with weight amount is also written with white paint on the plate. These are things which you’ll expect from a basic, old school 300lbs. Olympic weight set. The ISO plates come in a black color having a gritty finish and they have comfortable gripping handles at 10/2. The big York emblem with white lettering and the opposing finger hold, though there is no grip present there, but gives the plate a decent look. The interlocking from barbell are very much obvious  and they’re quite different from other plates just at first look.

The gritty look is good, but the paint on them is not up to the mark and looks very cheap on these high quality plates. There is a tiny bit of rust in most of the plates as reported by many users and about 60% of the plates lettering paint was sloppy and terrible. Hence, using WD40 will prevent the plates from rust. The gripping of the plates is very nice but it’s functionality is not that much different than any other plates. Plates are made on comfortable Weight Sets Reviews for normal uses, though you won’t find many issues with the plates because they settle very easily on to the bar. The individual  fingers spacing and gripping on ten inches makes the plate easy to handle.

Specification and Features

  • 3-grip plates with 360° easy pick-up
  • 2″ thick chrome bar
  • Pinch Guard Engineering is done.
  • Plates are in standard size having steel composite.
  • Gives a lifetime warranty on Olympic Bar and one year warranty on ISO Grip plates.
  • York Barbell name is synonymous with weightlifting
  • High quality manufacturing..

In my opinion, buyingYork International Olympic Setwas one of my outstanding purchases. It is the best fitness decision I have ever made of gettingthese and putting them in my gym equipment collection. Since, I’ve purchased them I didn’t even miss or skip my workout yet, which was one of my big problems of not being consistent. The reason for this is that, it’s very tough driving to the gym but having these traditional looking old school weight set in my next room didn’t gave me a chance to show laziness at all.

Final Verdict and Review

The plates and components come in exact size and measurements as stated on Amazon. The bar weighs 45lbs. the exact weight which you find at any gym. The delivery was very quick and efficient. The only issue I faced was, when the package arrived the Weight Sets Reviews 2017 were clustered up in bundles without having a proper padding in between to prevent them from getting scratches and scraps. So that shinny look of paint scrapped out from most of the places. Though if you are using them for lift, then paint shouldn’t be considered much but in my opinion the actual design and looks do matter from a high standard company, York Fitness. Thus, these plates have comparable grips which look very good and are pretty easy to handle around. Overall, a decent purchase and is recommended to buy these if you are looking for an affordable weight set with extreme high functionality.




Ease of use




Shipping time





  • Weights are very affordable because they are traditionally old school Olympic plates.
  • Very Durable because of Cast Iron.
  • Good range of weight provided.
  • Gives a traditional old school look.
  • Weights are great in measurement and looks.


  • Weight comes in bundles without padding which gives some scars and scratches.
  • Knurling is not provided on the center of the bar.
  • Weights have a grease on them, also consist of a strong odor smell which is difficult to handle.
  • May require padding for Crossfit workouts.
  • Should be handled with proper care, because plates are made of heavy duty steel and can cause severe injuries.
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